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Swingers clubs in New Zealand

There are several swingers clubs in New Zealand, but none of them have websites. If you visited some and have information, please share it.

Club Sparty - Auckland, Level 2 25 Cross St Newton Auckland 1010, Auckland Central, New Zealand, +649 3022660, - We are unique swingers club for couples only. This is where discerning elegant swinging couples come to play. Do not be ordinary; dare to be ...

Kiwi Swingers   # - All, All, New Zealand, - This is New Zealand's leading swingers and dating website. The site seeks to unite singles and swinging couples across New Zealand. If you like to ...

The Scene - Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 027 560 7910, - This is a group of young bi-curious couples, bisexuals and single ladies who often meet at discreet locations in Akl city twice a month to ...

The X Club - Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 617 55712269, - Since our establishment on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1996, we have continued to be the leading swingers club in New Zealand catering to thousands ...

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