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Swingers clubs in Hawaii (HI)

Hawaii is a home for Club Tantra that teaches you for transform yourself and relationships, bringing love and sex to the new level of pleasure. And yes, it comes to swinging at their workshops. There are few other clubs, quite standart and non-exotic, but always good for swingers night out.

Club Tantra   # - Maui, HI, 808-244-4103, - Tantra Class followed by intimate party. Saturdays

Golden Trapeze - Honolulu CDP, HI, 808-375-4711, - Off-premises Swingers club; accepts couples, single women, and single men;

Hawaii Swings - Honolulu CDP, HI, 808-123-4567, - HawaiiSwings Lifestyle Swingers Portal & Club where all people interested can communicate and exchange opinions.

Island Fantasy Swingers Club - Honolulu CDP, HI, 808-861-0170, - On and Off Premise Events

XchangeHawaii - Honolulu CDP, HI, - Four house parties a year with 20 to 25 couples at events.

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Hilo Kaneohe Pearl City
Kahului Kihei Waimalu
Kailua Mililani Town Waipahu

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